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August 2018

I am currently taking time out from training for personal reasons. 

I have had an amazing 8 years teaching everyone and I hope one day soon I'll be back to being "me"



In May 2017 I took part in the Women Can trail marathon through the Devon hills. Having been ill with glandular fever and struggling with a knee problem I was advised not to take part, but if you know me well, you know that I like a challenge!

With 3000ft of ascent I knew it wasn't going to be easy but what I didn't plan for was my knee causing me problems 2 miles in.

Experiencing pain this early on was difficult but I was determined to carry on.

Hitting the hills really wasn't that bad and keeping myself fueled and hydrated was the most important thing for me, but downhill was a huge issue.

My knees just weren't behaving and I was doing pin heads for miles at a time. This was the most frustrating thing for me because I had so much energy but I just couldn't move like I wanted to.

I held back the tears, kept my mind strong and as positive as I could and crossed the finish line in the worst and most excruciating pain I have ever felt, but with a big smile on my face because I had done it!

It was a very proud moment, crossing the finish line with my family there to support me.......... Then I cried!

Have a read of my story:





In the summer of 2016 I won a campaign with Pukka teas, about being proud and feeling inspired with something you have done, and I got to have a day out in the hills on December 3rd 2016 with the very lovely Sophie Radcliffe (Adventurer)

For me it was about "getting the sparkle back" after a not so great 18 months with my health.

I won a huge hamper of teas along with the most incredible experience that I could ever of wished for......

I won a day out in the hills with the most amazing adventurer Sophie Radcliffe (Challenge Sophie)

We met up in the Peak District, and before anything she gave me a huge hug. I just cried. I was totally overwhelmed.

She gave me some fantastic Merrell trail shoes to wear and some Saucony running pants, and I must say that these are the best trail shoes I have ever experienced.

We set off into the hills and the first hill was a killer. I was also nursing what I didn't know, was a crackle on my lung so I really wasn't feeling the best. 

I was worried that I would be pushed beyond my limits but Sophie reassured me that this was about enjoying the day and gaining some incredible experience.

Remember, I was out with an endurance athlete and the only person to cycle the alps and climb the highest mountains in the 8 alpine countries.

....The alpine coast to coast....

We did a mixture of running and hiking over 3 hills, lots of chatting and she gave me so much inspirational guidance and advice.

She made me look at things differently.

She explained that I should be proud of doing the best that I can now, rather than comparing myself with the person that I used to be. This had been the one thing that I had been dwelling on for 2yrs.

We finished our adventure with an amazing pub lunch.

This was a day that I was so honoured to be apart of, from such an incredible lady who has inspired me to chase my dreams again. are my superstar!

All this was only possible because of the amazing people behind Pukka teas.

Thanks Guys!!



In September and October 2016 I finally made the decision to become a swimming teacher after my children took part in an amazing outdoor swim.

For those who know me, know that I am all about getting children active and healthy.

I passed my ASA level 1 and 2 and was offered a position with Becky Adlington Swim Stars.

It has been a brilliant step and I look forward to where it will take me.




On 3rd September I took part in the lakeland trails race in Keswick. It was an awful day with heavy rain which just didn't stop and I was nursing a meniscus tear, which I strapped up extremely tightly.

The route had been altered because of the landslip earlier on in the year and they had added an extra 1k and 100m of ascent onto it, which meant that the first 7k was all uphill. Literally uphill!

It was a killer, but I finished!!




On 18th May 2016 I took part in Good Morning Britains Tough Mums challenge at Belvoir Castle, hosted my Tough Mudder UK

I was on Richard Arnolds Team (Arnolds Angels)

It was the most incredible day, emotionally, physically and mentally. I overcame some of my fears of heights, small spaces and Ice cold water.

I met some truly amazing, inspirational mums, and have made some life long friendships.

Tough Mums has given me back my motivation to be the best I can be, after a couple of years of my health being challenged.

This is the beginning of my new journey!!




I have exciting news!!

I have been selected to take part in ITV's Good Morning Britain Tough Mums Challenge by tough mudder.

There were 100 mum's chosen, who have all been through difficult situations in their lives, and I am honoured to be apart of this event which happens in May 2016.

I am training hard to succeed!



Last year I was approached by the fitness superstore to write a blog about my fitness journey. Here it is. Have a read!




I'm off up to Edinburgh in June to join in the pretty muddy race for life to raise vital funds and awareness for cancer research uk

This is a great cause and any help is very much appreciated





On Sunday 1st June 2014, myself and 3 lovely ladies did a very hilly 42k trek. We had a fab day, lots of hills, lots of blisters but we had fun! I think we are a little crazy but we had a giggle along the way!!!!




On May 11th 2014 I competed in my first Sprint triathlon.

It was raining, cold, windy and hailing. The swim was great, the bike route was hilly, and my legs had turned to jelly by the time I had to run, but I was up for the challenge because May 12th was Fibromyalgia awareness day and I wanted to show that even with this condition you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

I finished in a very happy time of 1:39:20





On 29th March 2014, myself and 5 lovely ladies (crazy women) climbed Scafell Pike. Just for Fun!!!!!!! 

We endured sun, snow (up to 50cm to our knees) and gales, but had a fantastic day





 On Saturday 5th October 2013 we climbed Snowdon. A fun, challenging event with 6 of us taking part. A great day and we managed to go up and down in a total time of 3hrs 45mins. Were now planning the next one!




On Saturday 14th September 2013 myself and my lovely clients (Discover Exercise Warriors) are running "pretty muddy" obstacle course in Worksop for cancer research UK.

This is such a good cause and any help is very much


We did it and yes we got very, very muddy!!






The second 1 day Bootcamp (July 2013) of this year was a great day.

We hiked, Kayaked, worked with tyres and suspension and we had sunshine!!

Challenging and enjoyed by all

New bootcamp coming soon!!



Bootcamp feedback May 2013:

Karen - I recently participated in one of Discover Exercise's Bootcamps. I was a little apprehensive about what the day would entail but I can honestly say I felt amazing afterwards! Utterly shattered but amazing! We started off with a long walk through the countryside. The persistent rain did not dampen our spirits and we all made it back to the studio to dry out and have a lovely light lunch. Then it was time for a varied program of exercises in the afternoon working the whole body. I would highly recommend bootcamp and all of Laura's classes to anyone wanting to get fit and move towards a healthier lifestyle.


Nina - I thoroughly enjoyed Laura’s ‘Discover Exercise Bootcamp’ last month.  The day started off with a refreshing hike followed by a lovely lunch, snacks and drinks, the afternoon was a mixture of beneficial fun exercises. I Certainly recommend this Bootcamp to everyone as it really is suitable for all levels of fitness.

(Working middle aged Mum – Cheshire)


Gillian - This is the second bootcamp I have attended with Laura at Discover Exercise and it was a great motivating experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the hike through the cheshire countryside - it was social and fun but we kept the pace up and and I really appreciated my coffee when I got back! The afternoon was broken up with various different classes which kept the tempo and made sure it stayed fun. I really think the new premises are excellent and Laura knows her stuff, is not a fan of gimmicks and so you learn as you train. Give it a go - you might like it!"




I have recently started working as a coach on a childhood obesity programme which has been a long term goal of mine. It is a rewarding position and I am privileged to be involved with these great kids to teach them about good nutrition and exercise which will give them a good headstart with their lifestyle choices. If you would like any information or feel that my help and advice could benefit yourself or someone you know, please get in touch.





Myself and Julia completed our 66km running challenge on 29th July 2012.

It was a brilliant day and very challenging. We had fun, especially when we realised that the majority of our day was hills, but that didn't stop us. We still laughed.

We had sunshine, terrential rain, hail and thunder.

But we made it home, and managed to raise over £320 for our charities.

Now were planning the next challenge.

Thanks for all your support.xx




"One day Bootcamp" was a great success, and challenged everyone both physically and mentally. I will be arranging another one soon.

Here are some comments from the ladies who attended:

Julia - A brilliant day and very motivating

Gillian - If you want an experience that will challenge you, motivate you and make you feel like you've acheived more than you thought possible for you, then this is the bootcamp for you. I had never even run before but managed to reach the end without even crying and really enjoyed the variety of exercises offered. Laura helped and encouraged all the way and really looked after the class. I really recommend it

Brigitte - I loved it. Thankyou so much for organising it all for us


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