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Kids Fitness

Why fitness is important for kids.

Children under 16 are naturally more flexible, have higher metabolic rates, and more energy then those who are older. But they also need to exercise to build strength and endurance, avoid obesity and stay fit.

 Because there are so many electronic devices available (play station, television, DS) younger people may exercise less than they should. It's during these years that they lay groundwork for what later may become healthy or poor habits, so now is the time to encourage and motivate them to get started.

 Kids become bored quickly so try an activity such as martial arts, swimming, cycling, all of which are enjoyable for a younger crowd.

 Kids are usually sensitive to anything that appears inconsistent or hypocritical from adults. As a parent be prepared to follow your own advice and exercise with them. That also helps parents share quality time with their kids outside the house and during activities that both benefit. Parents get the added benefit of monitoring to ensure that the kids are exercising in a safe and proper way

Childhood Obesity

A great way to combat childhood obesity is to ensure that they eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and eat regular meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between.

Eating well is only one part of keeping healthy. The other is exercise. Children now spend an average of four hours a day glued to the TV or a games console, but there are loads of ways you can encourage your children to get active. Fitness for kids can be achieved just by a simple Walk or cycle to and from school with the kids as often as possible or go outdoors and have a kick of the football or a play in the park.

 Exercise routines should be kept simple. Children aged 4-7 yrs should focus on developing basic physical skills such as balance and co-ordination. These are the years when their motor skills..i.e hand eye coordination are taken for granted by adults .Jump rope, hopscotch are great activities for these skills to be developed.

From 8yrs up the activity can be more vigorous to keep the metabolism up and stop it turning food into fat. Adults still need to give the kids good guidelines to prevent injury and build good habits.

 Physical fitness for kids is a crucial part of childhood. It helps children develop strong bones and muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and discover more about the world around them. And best of all, it's great fun.

Children should be doing 60 active minutes every day!


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